“Drowning In DEBT And Need A Way Out?”

If debts and money worries have piled up beyond your ability to pay – to the point where you’re facing possible foreclosure, wage garnishment, or any sort of bank levy…

…if unexpected medical bills, a misguided overextension of credit, or a sudden reduction in (or loss of) income has cut the financial legs out from under you…

…then bankruptcy could be your ONLY CHANCE to get those harassing creditors off your back, save your home and vehicle, and even wipe that debt clear so you can get a fresh start!

Look, bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. (Heck, we’ve even been there ourselves, once.)

Sure, you’d rather not be in the position you’re in, and you might not like the idea of having to file for bankruptcy … but what’s done is done, and you can’t change the past. What you need to focus on now is protecting your future, and that of your family and/or your business!

It’s sad that those same institutions and people who were once so willing to extend (and even over-extend) credit to you, not so long ago – banks, credit card companies, and other lenders …are now hounding you to “pay up”, and threatening you with lawsuits. No matter how warm and friendly they may have once seemed, most of them have little-to-no compassion now that you’ve hit a rough patch.

So at this point bankruptcy may be not be just your “best bet” but the ONLY shot you have at saving your home, your vehicle, your business, and your health! (Because we all know how stressing over money matters can play all sorts of havoc with your health!)

The good news is this does not have to be scary. It doesn’t have to be painful, or expensive, and it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process.

…but it DOES need to be done RIGHT!

Listen, don’t even consider going it alone. Consumer and business bankruptcy laws are far too complex, and you could end up losing your shirt (or worse) in the process.

That’s why you need a pro in your corner when you climb into that ring – an expert bankruptcy lawyer who knows the laws inside and out, and will get you every break you’re entitled to.

Otherwise, depending on whether your money woes are business-related, or personal, once you get in over your head financially, you could risk any or all of these, if you don’t do the right things about it right away:

• IRS probes and pressures
• Wage garnishments
• Bank levies
• Loss of property (like your home, vehicles, and furniture)
• Loss of savings and investments
• An inability to cover upcoming bills
• Stress-related health issues
• Business cash flow … or the business itself!
• Damage to your credit score, and the inability to get credit in the future
• Lawsuits from creditors
• Non-stop, harassing calls from creditors and debt collection agencies
• Irreparable damage to your reputation
…and the list goes on!

It doesn’t have to be this way for you though. We can prevent these things from happening to you – or put an end to them if they’ve already started.

We’re ready to be your “Knight in shining armor” and protect you from the fire-breathing banks and other lenders who don’t care one iota about you or your life circumstances. The only thing they care about is “their” money, and are prepared to do anything and everything they can to get it …even if it means putting you out of your home and livelihood.

At Goldbach Law Group, we do a lot of things really well. We do one thing BEST:

We Take You Through The Bankruptcy Process Quickly, Painlessly & Affordably
So You Can Get Control Of Your Finances And Start Rebuilding Your Life…


We start you off right – with a FREE half-hour, no-obligation Bankruptcy Strategy Session to help us BOTH fully understand your unique situation, and plot a plan of action that’s best for YOU.

Then, if you decide you’d like us to help, that’s when we get down to brass tacks, and do what we do best – lead you safely through the bankruptcy maze, and out the other side!

Naturally, the specifics of what we do for YOU depend on the specifics of YOUR situation, and could include any combination of the following:

• Get rid of most of your unsecured debt (such as credit cards, medical bills, and auto loans)
• Restructure any remaining debt so you can stay in your home, and keep your vehicle and other assets.
• Get aggressive debt collectors off your back, and put an end to their constant harassment tactics, so you can breathe easy and get a good night’s sleep.
• Put a stop to the bank’s attempts to dump your home in a foreclosure sale.
• Immediately stop any eviction process if you’re currently being kicked out of your apartment or other rental home.
• Put the brakes on vehicle repossessions! (Simply filing for bankruptcy will bring this process to a grinding halt for a given period of time.)
• Cancel unsecured debts (These are debts that aren’t secured by collateral – such as credit card debt, medical bills, or lawsuit judgments against you. “Priority” unsecured debt, however – such as alimony, child support, most student loans, and certain tax debt – cannot be wiped out, though.)
• Make sure you take advantage of all Federal and State exemptions – property you get to keep regardless how much you owe.
• Set you firmly and confidently on the path to rebuilding your credit as quickly as possible. (In fact, many individuals and businesses who have filed for bankruptcy through us have seen their credit scores returned to previous levels within a mere 1-2 years.
That’s WAYYYY ahead of the average!)

As mentioned, there are a number of “variables” in the process that depend entirely upon the details of your own particular situation. This is why it’s SO important to discuss matters with a lawyer (one with extensive experience in bankruptcy proceedings, and a strong record of fighting for you to keep every penny you’re entitled to) as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you risk losing precious time and money – and possibly even any chance of success at all.

We’re California’s leading “virtual” law firm
…with that old-fashioned person-to- person touch

You won’t find any pointless frills, expensive museum-quality artwork, lavish teak-trimmed offices, or other “peacocking tactics” here.

Instead, we embrace state-of- the-art technology to reduce costs, increase productivity, and “deliver the goods”. The result?

Significant savings for YOU, our valued client, while still maintaining that top-notch service we’re known for.

We operate mostly virtually, and have automated most of our operations by fully embracing available technologies. (Which you’d probably agree is not exactly a characteristic of other …let’s say “stuck in the stone age” law firms).

In fact, through our exclusive and private Client Portal, you can get up-to- the-minute, real-time online status updates for your case, appointment reminders via text or email, docu-sign for document signing, and web conferencing (for “face-to- face” meetings without ever leaving your
home or office).

Using technology this way reduces our operating costs, and increases productivity. This allows us to offer you the same high quality legal service at a fraction of the cost of other firms. After all…

It wouldn’t do to help you through your bankruptcy …and then charge you an arm and a leg for it. Right?

And if you prefer to connect in person to establish a more personal relationship, we can meet with you at any of our satellite offices throughout Los Angeles County. (See our Contact page for addresses and phone numbers of locations in Long Beach, Whittier, and Arcadia.)

Let’s face it:

Law firms are NOTORIOUS for poor service!

We don’t mind admitting it – so-called “customer service” at most law firms absolutely STINKS! The industry standard seems to be “Shoddy” at best.

But not here – because Goldbach customer service is “Best In Class”!

As soon as you decide to work with us, we assign a friendly, compassionate, and dedicated Client Relationship Manager to you – and from then on, they (along with our team of Legal Experts) are available to you “24-and- 7” to answer your questions, and provide case updates (if you prefer to not do it yourself, online).

You will never feel “left in the dark” when it comes to your case.

You’ve got plenty of options for communicating with us, too – whether you prefer online chat via your client portal, text, email, phone calls, Skype…
Simply put, our Customer Service policy can be quickly summed in one clear line:

If it’s best for YOU … then that’s what we do!

Here are just a few more “fast facts” about how we’ve helped other people just like you, over these past three decades of service:
• Total clients helped: 2,000+
• Debt wiped out: More than $70,000,000 (Yes, seventy MILLION!)
• We’ve put a stop to hundreds of foreclosures – saving hundreds of homes, with total values in excess of $180,000,000
• Stopped hundreds of wage garnishments and bank levies saving folks hundreds of thousands in wages and bank deposits
• Stripped-down or removed hundreds of second mortgages, and other liens – like
judgment liens from primary residence – saving homeowners millions of dollars in value on their homes by virtue of these lien removals
• Discharged tens of thousands of dollars in tax debt
• And terminated hundreds of lawsuits against these debtors, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorney fees and court costs, and eliminating the debt underlying those lawsuits to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars!

And what we’ve done for these other thousands of people … we can do for you, too.

“But what about Bankruptcy Petition Preparers?”

You might have heard about “bankruptcy petition preparers” – people who can help you prepare bankruptcy documents but who have none of the legal knowledge and experience of an actual bankruptcy attorney. (In other words … they know how to fill out the paperwork. They rarely know the laws behind it.)

Enlisting the aid of a B.P.P. can be a bit of a crap shoot: You see, there have been a number of instances of BPPs criminally practicing law, or “side-stepping” disclosure in your petition, and even charging their clients more than is legally allowed.

Errors and omissions on the part of a B.P.P. can cost you far more than just a few dollars on their invoice – it can cost your entire case!

Like the difference between trusting your tax return to the book-keeper next door, or having an experienced CPA go over your records and return with a fine-toothed comb…

The question of whether to use a B.P.P or an experienced bankruptcy lawyer often comes down to “How important IS this to you?”

You have questions – we have the answers!

You probably have a lot of questions rolling around in your head – maybe interfering with other matters, and even keeping you awake at night. Questions like…

• How can I avoid vehicle repossession?
• How can I avoid losing my assets such as my home or my car?
• How can I avoid lawsuits by creditors and the debts associated with those lawsuits?
• How can I avoid having my wages garnished?
• How can I avoid losing my business?
• And am I ever gonna come out of this all right?!

So give us a call today – we’ll answer your questions, and ease your worries.

We’ll help you decide whether bankruptcy is the best option for you. (Because, in some cases, it may not be …but we won’t know for sure until we discuss YOUR situation.)

And who knows – maybe we can even help you get a good night’s sleep tonight.
As with most things in Life, your best defense is proper preparation and awareness of exactly what you may face … and getting the help you need.

Call us today – right now, even – for your FREE 30-minute Bankruptcy Strategy Session:


Of, if you’d rather just send us a message, visit our Contact page, right here.

Either way, we’ll get right back to you within 24 hours or less (except on weekends and holidays).

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