Bannkruptcy court, as all court systems, is governed by a multitude of local and federal rules and procedures.  The rules and procedures must to be followed exactly as indicated in the rules and documents filed incorrectly or untimely will be returned.  As noted on United States Bankruptcy Court (USBC) website, bankruptcy court clerks and judges are bankruptcy court employees and are strictly prohibited from providing advice to pro se petitioners.  While the USBC does provide a self-help section, it cautions pro se debtors of the nuances of filing without the assistance of counsel.  The implementation of e-filing has only increased the number of guidelines that must be filed in turn increasing the number of rejected filings.

Technical errors and incorrectly selecting which Chapter to file under are only two of the issues that may cause issues for those representing themselves.  Seeking the assistance of bankruptcy counsel will allow you to explore the many avenues of bankruptcy as well as protect you from the pitfalls of representing yourself.  Bankruptcy counsel can also advise you of the consequences associated with each chapter as to your personal assets, the tax ramifications for filing bankruptcy, and provide guidance on the road to recovery.