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Recreational Marijuana is Legal – Now What

California voters passed Prop 64 and made the recreational use of marijuana legal in California.  As a California employer this may be a point of concern for you.  You may have apprehensions about how you maintain a safe and drug free workplace now that marijuana is...

How to Deal with Workplace Bullying in California

Unfortunately bullying is not just an epidemic in schools, it is becoming an increasing problem in the American workplace. Statistics indicate that 28% of employees feel or have felt bullied at their place of employment.  For small businesses workplace bullying is a...

Exempt versus Non-Exempt Employees

Employers are required to classify their employees as either exempt employee or non-exempt but many find it difficult to determine how an employee should be classified. In the following we will review the rules and regulations surrounding qualifying employees for...

The Ins and Outs of Wage Garnishment

Many debtors going through financial difficulties may have questions about wage garnishments, what they are, what wages can be garnished and if bankruptcy protects you from the garnishment?  The rules surrounding wage garnishments differ from state to state as both...

New California Employment Laws For 2017

As the New Year comes upon us so do many changes in the law.  Specifically, there are six new employment laws that employers should pay attention to and consider updates to company policies and handbooks. New California Employment Laws Wage Discrimination (AB 1676)...

Reinventing Professionals: Where is the legal industry headed in 2017?

Reinventing Professionals: Where is the legal industry headed in 2017?

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KWM LLP files notice of intention to appoint administrators

KWM LLP files notice of intention to appoint administrators

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Chapter 13 Debt Reliefs

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to create an individual plan to repay all or part of your debts.  With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will also be afforded the ability to repay your debts over three to five years.  The exact time will be dictated by the Court...

The top legal stories of 2016: Do you have others?

The top legal stories of 2016: Do you have others?

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