Bank of America Defrauding Millions of Homeowners

Did Bank of America enrich itself by defrauding potentially millions of homeowners who requested loan modifications under the 2009 Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP? Yes, or at least that’s what six of its former employees are claiming in a class...

How Do I Declare Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure?

Given a choice between losing their house and bankruptcy, many people choose bankruptcy. By filing for bankruptcy, homeowners can put an automatic stay on foreclosure proceedings against them and postpone the foreclosure sale possibly for months, Goldbach Law Group...

Will I Lose My House If I Declare Personal Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be an unsettling experience for those who find themselves deep in debt. The process is designed to help people keep as much of their property as possible while repaying as much of their debts as possible. One key part of the bankruptcy process is what...

California Bankruptcy Issues

Under federal law, you have the right to bankruptcy protection if you are deeply in debt. Filing gives you breathing room to fix your finances, though bankruptcy can make it harder to get credit for up to a decade. Often, that won’t matter because if...

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

The current financial market has seen foreclosures on the rise continually for months. Whether you are suffering from increased interest rates, falling home value, or a sudden loss of employment, the reality of foreclosure is a stressful one for all those involved....

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