Unlawful/Wrongful Termination

What is “Wrongful Termination”? The term “wrongful termination” is the generic name for a type of lawsuit in which an individual sues an employer for terminating his or her employment in violation of state or federal law. California law provides that either an...

Chapter 7 Process

The following is a chronological summary of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process, the events which occur in a Chapter 7 case, and the time periods at which these events occur. OFFICE INTERVIEW WITH ATTORNEY The first step for most debtors is to consult an attorney. The...

Whittier Wage Garnishment Attorney

WHITTIER WAGE GARNISHMENT LAWYER WHAT IS WAGE GARNISHMENT? Wage garnishment is a court or government agency order that an individual’s employer may receive. The order forces an employer to withhold a part of an employee’s paycheck in order to repay...

Should I File For Bankruptcy

INTRODUCTION Many people have turned to bankruptcy as a solution to their financial situation. Whether to stop a foreclosure on a house, a repossession of a car or a wage garnishment, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start and allow you to rebuild your credit and get...

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