Debt Collection Lawsuit

Debt Collection Lawsuit? Here’s What You Should Know… Have you been served with a summons from a debt collection agency or a credit card company? Chances are, if you have received a summons and complaint from a debt collection company, you have been...

Chapter 13 Debt Payment Issues?

Can’t Make Your Chapter 13 Debt Payment? Now What? When your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is confirmed by the Court, you enter into a debt repayment plan. The payment plan is carefully created considering your specific financial situation. It is created with the intent...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Debt Discharge

Discharge Debt In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy If you have already filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are probably looking forward to the Chapter 7 debt discharge. To discharge debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, 60 – 90 days will need to pass after your 341a meeting of...

How To Guide: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

How To File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dealing with debt is scary. Contemplating filing bankruptcy can be even scarier. While a bankruptcy lawyer can’t eliminate the fear bankruptcy and debt bring, we can provide comfort and guidance to help ease the process. Let’s take a...

Use A Bankruptcy Attorney To Get Out Of Debt

Do you need a Bankruptcy Attorney? If you’re straddled with too much debt, and having difficulty paying it off, a bankruptcy attorney can help you get out of debt and get a fresh start financially. An attorney will get your creditors and collection agencies to stop...

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