Second Mortgage Cramdown

If you own a home with more than one mortgage, you may be able to completely remove or “avoid” the second and subsequent junior mortgages from your home and county records, thus leaving only the first original mortgage! To qualify for this defense, the court will...

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean erasing most debts in one fell swoop. Instead, the process can take up to five years for those who want to save their assets and file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy of the...

Basics of Personal Bankruptcy

Under the U.S. Constitution, you have the ability to relieve all or part of your debts when you can no longer meet your obligations to creditors and lenders. Two major types of personal bankruptcy apply to consumers. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors to discharge...

Common Foreclosure Defenses

The Foreclosing Party Can’t Prove It Owns the Mortgage In federal courts (where some large lenders prefer to bring their foreclosure actions), only the mortgage holder (the owner or someone acting on the owner’s behalf) may bring the action. If your...

Benefits of A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY RELIEF Chapter 13 bankruptcy doesn’t provide the quick discharge of a Chapter 7. However, it does provide some benefits not available in Chapter 7.  In addition, some people don’t qualify for a Chapter 7 and must file a Chapter 13 because their...

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