Eliminate Credit Card Debt to Avoid Bankruptcy

You’ve heard it before. Avoid credit card debt. Live frugally and below your means. Save 10% of your income every month. Build up an emergency fund. Although we hear these tips over and over again, why is it that so many people find themselves in tons of credit card...

Striking Back At Debt Collectors

Debt collection calls can be stressful and overwhelming.  Most Californians who are receiving repeated and nerve-racking debt collection calls are not deceitful people who are trying to defraud their creditors, they are hard-working people who have fallen behind on...

Eliminating Income Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

As the looming tax deadline approaches and the numbers tally up many Americans are pondering how they will pay by the April 18th deadline.  For some, there is even more to think about… How to pay off back taxes with the accumulating penalties and interest?  You have...

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