California Wrongful Termination

California, like many other states, is an at-will state, meaning employers can discipline or fire employees at will (that is, without either needing or providing a reason to the employee). That said, there are situations in which the firing of an employee could be...


The Federal Housing Administration wants to make it easier for people who have defaulted on their mortgages to get a new home loan with FHA backing. But there’s a catch. To qualify for the break, borrowers must show that their foreclosure or bankruptcy was...

Myths About Bankruptcy

Most people have a negative association with the word bankruptcy.  However, often what you heard is misleading and misinformed statements from people who are not well versed in bankruptcy law. Many very successful people and businesses have filed bankruptcy and have...

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Basics

Some of the Simple Benefits of Chapter 13 Even in a simple Chapter 13 case, you could: 1) catch up on your mortgage arrearage, have up to 5 years to do so, while continuously being protected from foreclosure; 2) possibly “strip” off a second or third mortgage from...

Bankruptcy Basics

1. Bankruptcy Stops Creditors From Collection Actions Against You Your Creditors must stop all collection activity immediately upon the filing of your Bankruptcy case. A legally enforceable “stay” is triggered when you file for Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Stay STOPS:...

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