In the News: Age Discrimination

As America’s workforce gets older, many employees will face new challenges on the job, especially from age discrimination. Singling an employee or applicant out unfavorably because of age is illegal, and when employers engage in this type of discrimination, they open...

Do You Know Your Employment Rights? [Infographic]

Have you ever been in a situation at work and wondered if what was happening was illegal? If so, this infographic on employment rights might be of some help! It lays out the basics and history of the protections we enjoy as employees. The infographic covers several...

In the News: Wage Fraud

Recently, there have been some interesting wage fraud and wage theft cases in the news. Below we review two of these cases, both of which focus on wrongdoing by an employer based on not paying wages correctly, either through misclassifying employees or not paying for...

Wrongful Termination: Promises and Good Faith

Losing your job can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s professional life. There are times, however, when the reason for your termination is not only traumatic but, depending on the state you live in, against the law. This week, we will talk...

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