Exempt vs Non-Exempt: Are you Classified Correctly?

You may have heard the terms exempt and non-exempt when talking about employees. But what are exempt employees exempt from? Unless you’re in HR, you might not know exactly what these terms mean and how they affect you. In this post, we’ll review exactly what the law...

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For most people who file for bankruptcy—about 70% each year—Chapter 7 is the best course of action. As we talked about last week, Chapter 7 will wipe away as much of your debt as possible (excluding taxes, student loans and domestic support) while allowing you to keep...

Find Out Why It’s Called Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Have you ever wondered why bankruptcy is referred to as a “chapter?” Even though there are different types of bankruptcy, each one is called a chapter. It sounds a little odd, but there is an easy explanation! Bankruptcy is governed by Title 11 of the United States...

Bankruptcy: What is it?

What do Kim Basinger, Walt Disney and Mike Tyson have in common? You’re not sure? What about Detroit and San Bernardino? It may be surprising, but at some point in their history each of these people and places found themselves in a bad financial situation and decided...

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