Are you using your Independent Contractor Correctly?

I often receive calls that begin with this story: “We had the maintenance guy do this project for us a year or two ago, and we really liked him, so we kept him on. We just 1099 him each year. No problem with that, right?” Then I say, “If you are not his employer, then...

Racial Discrimination: BWW Restaurant Sued

Can a company where 70% of the employees are African-American lose a racial discrimination lawsuit for not hiring African-Americans? This is the question being asked in a case involving a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. The...

Top 10 Reasons for Declaring Bankruptcy

Have you ever wondered some of the reasons for declaring bankruptcy? Is it simply irresponsibility and overspending? The answer is no! While that is certainly the case for about 15% of people, generally bankruptcy is a result of an unexpected medical event or job...

Credit Score Is Important

Every time you apply for a loan, sign up for a credit or store card or rent an apartment, the other party in the transaction will check your credit score. That said, it’s obvious why your credit score is important. The purpose of this score is to give companies a way...

Not Paid for Hours Worked?

If you’re an hourly worker, both state and federal law require that your employer pay for all the hours you work. Unfortunately, some companies try to squeeze extra “off-the-clock” time from their workers to save money, so employees are not paid for hours worked. On...

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