Sign a Release When Fired?

If you are ever fired or laid off, your employer may ask you to sign a release. The intention of this release is for you to give up your right to sue the company in exchange for a benefit you are not already owed—typically a severance payment. Read on for more details...

Strip Second Mortgage

Do you owe more on your house than what it’s worth? Do you have more than one mortgage loan? If you answered yes to both questions, you may be able to eliminate some of that debt through bankruptcy and strip second mortgage—without giving up your house! Unlike credit...

Pregnant Employees and Employment Law

In May of this year, the United Nations reported that only three countries in the world do not provide paid maternity leave to its pregnant employees: Papua New Guinea, Oman and the United States. Obviously, this is an area of great concern for many families, and...

Bankruptcy Myths Busted

Too often, people hesitate to file for bankruptcy because they’re worried it will result in consequences that may not exist. This week we bust six common bankruptcy myths! Filing Bankruptcy Myths Misconception: Even though it’s been almost 10 years, some people...

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