Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score

So, you’ve had some difficult times and have decided to declare bankruptcy. You’ve done the research, been through the process and understand the consequences. It was the right decision for you, but you know it means your credit score is now completely ruined. You can...

Beating the Stigma of Age in Hiring

In the past, we’ve addressed the age discrimination some older employees face in the workplace. It’s a big problem, and getting worse every year, according to the EEOC. Older workers are reporting more and more that they are being harassed, passed over for...

In the News: Workplace Bullying

A lot of us connect bullying with school children or the internet, but, as evidenced in the case we’re featuring this week, bullying can take place at any point in life. When it happens in the workplace, though, the victim has legal recourse, and the consequences can...

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