Bankruptcy Stigma

Many people see bankruptcy as an admission of failure, irresponsibility or weakness. They fear the prospect of filing for personal reasons, adding to the strain of financial distress and uncertainty. While there is no question that declaring bankruptcy has its...

California Wrongful Termination

If a California employer is found to implement an adverse employment action in violation of public policy, an employee damaged by the action may initiate a tort claim of wrongful termination. California courts explained that when an employee is fired for performing an...

When You Are Upside Down On Your Home

You’re upside-down on your home While many in the news are already celebrating a housing recovery, an estimated 7 million Americans remain underwater on their mortgages. Bankruptcy is one of six main options for dealing with an underwater mortgage and it can provide...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process provided for under Federal law that entitles you to make a fresh financial start. Chapter 7 eliminates most of your unsecured debt and is normally suggested for someone with few or zero assets. ‘Unsecured debts’...

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