Unpaid Wage Claim

Individuals who have completed work hours and have not received compensation for them are entitled to filing an unpaid wage claim. An unpaid wage claim may be completed through a state or private agency. There are a few different types of unpaid wage claims....

Liens and Levies

Both liens and levies offer a way to collect debts. The main difference between a lien and a levy is, a lien gives collection agencies temporary rights to your property and a levy is when a collection agency takes your property with no intention of returning it. Liens...

Credit Counseling

Before your debts can be discharged in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, you must complete a credit counseling and debtors education course. The purpose of these courses are to teach you how to manage money and use your credit more cautiously after...

What is Bad Credit and How to Get out of it?

Bad credit comes in many shapes and sizes. Having bad credit, whether in the form of credit cards, car payments or home mortgages all contribute to a bad credit score.  Some things to keep in mind regarding bad credit include the following. If you own a small business...

Consumer vs. Non-Consumer Debt

Determining the difference between consumer and non-consumer debt for a bankruptcy means test is not always easy. When you file for bankruptcy you should be aware of why knowing the difference between consumer and non-consumer debt is important. To refresh your...

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