Individuals who have completed work hours and have not received compensation for them are entitled to filing an unpaid wage claim. An unpaid wage claim may be completed through a state or private agency.

There are a few different types of unpaid wage claims. Individuals who are not paid minimum wage may be able to file under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Similarly, those who are subject to working off the clock, not getting paid for hours they worked or are receiving unauthorized deductions may also file under the FLSA. Another type of scenario that could fall under an unpaid wage claim includes not receiving required lunch breaks.

To resolve issues related to unpaid wage claims states usually suggest that individual’s first attempt to resolve the problem internally by discussing their concerns with payroll and/or management. If a problem does not get resolved then typically the next step is to file a state claim. The process of filing a state agency claim usually involves by filing a form that an individual fills out based on their particular circumstances. This includes providing information about them, their work history and their employer. Along with this information an individual should provide evidence that supports their claim such as pay stubs or time records.

If you need to take your unpaid wage claim case to the state level, you must follow the specific procedure that your state requires. For example, some states may not take any unpaid wage claim cases if the employee makes over a certain amount of annual income.

If an individual does not want to take their case to the state level they may choose to pursue a more private approach and discuss their case with an employment lawyer who may potentially be able to reach a faster resolution to their case. Contact an experienced attorney regarding your unpaid wage claim case today, let us help you resolve your concerns!

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