Credit Card Debt Judgments and Garnished Wages

Ignoring outstanding credit card debt can take a bite out of your paycheck or bank account. Garnishment, a last-ditch effort at debt collection, hits debtors where it hurts: their ability to pay the bills, fill the gas tank and feed their families. When facing credit...

What A Bankruptcy Typically Costs

What bankruptcy costs The cost of filing for bankruptcy is more than just the filing fee. There are fees for: mandatory pre-filing credit counseling mandatory debt management ‘education’ advice and information to help you decide whether to file preparing...

What Kind of Bankruptcy Do You Qualify For

What kind of bankruptcy do you qualify for?  California Median Income  If your average monthly income for the past six months is below the state median for your size household, you meet the requirements of the “means test” (section 707(b)(2) of the...

In California Can I Sue My Employer For Wrongful Termination

If you have been terminated by your employer for an illegal reason or in breach of an employment contract, you can sue for wrongful termination. An illegal reason or breach of contract is required because most employment in California is on an “at will”...

Debts Which Are Erased by Bankruptcy

WHAT DEBTS ARE ERASED BY A BANKRUPTCY? Most unsecured debt is erased in a bankruptcy except for: Child support and alimony; Debts for personal injury or death caused by your drunk driving; Student Loans. Income tax debt. Note on Private Student Loans: On June 7 2007,...

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