Prepare yourself for any actions that debt collectors may take and be aware of what they are legally allowed to do so that you can be ready if/when they take any action(s) that should not happen.

Debt collectors are not permitted to contact you (the debtor) before 8 in the morning or after 9 in the evening unless you give them permission to do so. Also, a debt collector cannot contact your workplace if your workplace does not permit this type of behavior. In some instances, debt collectors cannot have continued contact with you (the debtor) on a regular basis. By continued contact what I mean is, if you ask any collection agency to verify a debt, it must cease contact until it provides you with proof. However, the debt collectors can contact you to inform you of specific action that they plan, such as the filing of a lawsuit against you.

Debt collectors are prohibited from disclosing the existence of debt to someone other than the debtor. This includes the sending of letters that identify themselves. However, a debt collection agency may contact other third parties in order to try to learn the debtor’s current phone number, address or place of employment. Keep in mind that debt collectors are barred from using violence or threatening to use violence in order to collect a debt. The Fair Debt Collection Act specifically bans the use of obscene, profane or offensive language.

Debt collectors are also forbidden from misrepresentation i.e. pretending they are someone else on the phone or through letters, they are not allowed to claim that they are government representatives and they may definitely not claim that any documents given to you are legal if they are not.

If you or any one you know is experiencing any harassment from debt collectors, contact the Goldbach Law Group. We are here to settle your debts and stop the harassment.

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