As a California based employee, you are entitled to be paid for your time and effort. In California, the term “wages” includes all compensation or remuneration for labor performed by an employee regardless of the term of employment – full time, part time, piece basis, commission basis and the like. In any of those cases, if you feel you have not been paid your rightful wages, you need to contact skilled California wage and hour lawyers to help you pursue your rights against your erring employer. There are various California wage and hour laws and federal employment and labor laws protecting every employee’s right to get full wages. If you are being underpaid and wants to receive full payment, you should seek legal help from expert California wage and hour discrimination attorneys who have vast competence in understanding the complex system of overlapping laws and regulations governing compensation of employees in California. Aside from being underpaid your daily wage, there might be other compensation or wages that you are not able to receive either because of your employer’s negligence in applying the correct wage and hour laws in California or as a direct act to circumvent the laws in order to save on overhead expenses. This is why, if you feel that you are being short changed, the best course of action is to contact competent California wage and hour law attorneys to be informed of your full rights under federal and California wage and hour laws.

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Whether you are being underpaid or not by your employer, your employer is still obligated by California wage and hour statutes, rules and regulations to keep payroll and other employment records for a certain number of years. This statute is enacted to make sure that employers will not be able to feign ignorance or use lack of evidence on the part of the employee in their wage and hour claims. Pursuant to California law, employers must keep employee details, as well as work hours and work history, for at least two years for inspection purposes. Goldbach Law Group’s top wage and hour discrimination attorneys in California are aware of the fact that there are recorded keeping regulations, which obligate employers to keep California employment records for at least two years, to include: (1) basic time and earnings cards; (2) wage rate tables; (3) work schedules; (4) order, shipping and billing records; and (5) records of additions to or deductions from wages, among others. If you feel you are underpaid by your employer, whether it be your basic wage, overtime pay, unpaid benefits or other legally mandated employee monetary benefit, you need to be represented by our highly aggressive wage and hour lawyers in California who are adept in determining every wage earned by an employee at a given time, to include computing for the basic pay, split-shifts, alternative work schedules, night differential, tips and other income or compensation that should be included in the computation of your wage.

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Goldbach Law Group’s competent California labor wage and hour lawyers have been protecting the rights of every California employee for at least two decades now. Our expert wage and hour attorneys in California are adept at consolidating and reconciling federal and state wage and hour laws, rules and regulations to our employee clients’ benefit. Aside from the Fair Labor Standards Act and its implementing rules and regulations which is federal in nature, California laws are enacted specifically to address work and hour issues by employees in California, to include various Labor Code provisions and Wage Orders of the Industrial Welfare Commission. Even if you think that you may know or understand current California wage and hour laws, this is no basis for you to personally seek full compensation for your unpaid wages from your employer. Chances are, there are other California Wage Orders and other California Labor Code wage and hour laws, rules and regulations that you are not aware of or that have been superseded by other statutes already. Hence, it is never wise to research on your own or obtain information from websites alone in trying to assert your wage and hour claims against your employer. It is always prudent to seek legal advice and representation from professionals who make it their business to know all the details and intricacies of handling wage and hour issues like our diligent wage and hour law attorneys in California.

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Goldbach Law Group’s best wage and hour law attorneys in California have already earned millions for our clients who have, at one point or another, denied their rights to full wages while working in California. Regardless of whether you work full time or part time, on a piece rate or commission basis or at different days or shifts in a week, you should know that your wages are protected by California wage and hour discrimination laws and regulations and not subject to the whims of your employers. If you have been denied your full wages and your employer continuously deny them to you, you have a claim not only for the recovery of your unpaid wages but you are also entitled to damages. This is why you need to contact our expert wage and hour lawyers in California right away, because we can make sure that you’ll get your full wages plus the maximum compensation for damages you deserve against your unjust employer while making certain that you are not harassed or retaliated against just because you are enforcing your rights under California wage and hour laws. Don’t even worry about the legal fees because aside from being able to claim attorneys fees as part of the damages due you, our caring California labor law and wage and hour statute lawyers are willing to accept wage and hour cases on a contingency basis to help every employee victim and make sure that they are ably represented against their unjust employers. Additionally, we also provide a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients to further assure them that we have their best interests in mind. Call Us Now at 1.562.696.0582 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can E-Mail Us at or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

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