smart goal setting concept

The purpose of setting goals is to be able to create the lives we want. What are some of your goals? Do you want to be successful, healthy, debt free, perhaps all of the above? Setting goals can often times be unrealistic. This happens for a few reasons; people don’t know what they want, they fear failure or they put too much pressure on themselves.

Anytime you decide to start the process of setting goals the first thing you must remember is that you deserve as much success as you could possibly imagine. Effective goal setting all comes down to being precise. Set goals that include measurable variables such as dates, times and amounts. Doing this makes it easier to follow through with a step by step plan.

Once you have decided the goal or (goals) you would like to pursue crystallize them by writing them down. It is important to practice this because it allows us to check things off the list which makes us feel accomplished. Something to keep in mind when setting goals is to focus on performance more than outcome. What I mean by this is, base your goals around something that you have as much control as possible over. This will ensure that you keep control over achievement rather than basing your achievement of a goal on something like bad weather, luck or injury.

Most importantly though, set realistic goals. Outside influences such as the media, family, and society put so much pressure on us to be thin, rich, happy, and completely satisfied and if we are not any or all of these things then something must be “wrong”. The ultimate driving factor behind setting goals in our lives should be because we want to, not because the world says we should. If we set a goal that does not come from our heart it makes setting goals entirely unrealistic. Here are a few things to take away today; be positive, be precise, write goals down, set performance goals, and set realistic goals.

“Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue eludes you. Success is something you attract by the person you become.” -Jim Rohn

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