How To File For Bankruptcy

It’s no secret that if you file for bankruptcy, it can be a stressful process.  Much of this stress can be reduced if you know the steps to get your bankruptcy discharged in court. Also, a bankruptcy attorney will be able to determine if filing for bankruptcy is...

Save Your Business With Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Is your small business struggling in this ever changing economy? Are you wondering what your options are? Do you have to liquidate your assets and close the business?  All good questions and the answer to them might just be Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. What is Chapter 11...

Should I File Bankruptcy Before Or After My Divorce?

The decision to file for bankruptcy and the preceding financial trouble can cause many issues on your emotional and physical well being.  For some the financial turmoil can lead to marital trouble and even divorce.  Should you find yourself in a situation where you...

Preparing For Your Bankruptcy Creditor Meeting

You have successfully filed your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy papers and are now wondering what’s next. Approximately twenty to forty days after filing and paying the court filing fees, the bankruptcy court will schedule a meeting of the creditors.  The first...

Pay off your Mortgage Arrearage Using Chapter 13

A mortgage arrear problem arises the moment you fail to make a full mortgage payment or a partial repayment the date that it is due. Resolving mortgage arrearage requires filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are often referred to as a reorganized...

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