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Workplace stress usually comes in the physical form, caused by repetitive movements that affect the body, but in some cases workplace stress can result in mental or emotional injury.

Physical workplace stress is easy to identify. Examples of physical workplace stress injuries could include an administrative assistant suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome due to typing, a person who stocks shelves at a warehouse suffering a chronic back injury from heavy lifting, or a construction worker who has suffered nerve damage from excessive use of a jackhammer. An employee who performs a repetitive activity at work over a long period of time and suffers a physical problem may be able to identify with a physical workplace stress injury.

For any workplace stress injuries that did not exist before you started working at your job and are related to your physical activity on the job, you should be able to receive: weekly compensation benefits, permanent impairment benefits, payment of medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation.

Emotional workplace stress injuries are often times more difficult to prove making it is harder to receive compensation for them. Worker’s compensation laws related to workplace stress varies by jurisdiction, but in some states, they do not cover claims for emotional stress.  This may be because it is more difficult to demonstrate that workplace stress resulted from your job as opposed to another area of life outside work.

If the stress is painful enough though, and if it is not covered by worker’s compensation, you may be able to take action outside of the workers compensation system. What that means is it may be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit for the infliction of emotional distress.

If you feel that you are suffering from workplace stress, you might be asking the question, what can I do? First and foremost, discuss it with your superiors and, if necessary, make a formal report. Often times there are rules as to when the document needs to be filed, or a time limit for filing and it is important that you follow these rules so that your rights are protected. It is also very important that you document all wrong doings while you are experiencing them. Be as specific as you can when it comes to dates, times, who was there etc. The more details you have, the more helpful it will be later if you pursue legal help.

If you are experiencing any workplace stress and you are unsure of what action to take, Contact The Goldbach Law Group. It is our mission to help you retain employment satisfaction, security and most importantly resolve your concerns!

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